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CLIENT: CultureIQ is the global culture management company that partners with organizations to drive competitive advantage by aligning culture with business goals. Powered by industry-leading strategists, flexible technology, and a validated research framework, the CultureIQ offering makes what's good for people good for business.

CultureIQ, a national technology platform, merged with CEB’s Workforce Surveys & Analytics, an international consultancy with the financial support of a private equity firm.

Combining two great companies—one with strong, modern technology and one with decades of expertise and intellectual property—presented the opportunity for the new CultureIQ to become the global leader providing culture and engagement solutions.

CHALLENGE: CultureIQ was temporarily without senior marketing leadership and with the announcement of the merger, needed to strengthen and evolve its brand story without diluting the equity that each company had with its existing customer base and marketplace.

CMP facilitated leadership alignment between each company and the integration of their input on product, process, and assets to create the new brand story. The new messaging had to offer crystal clear language to articulate the newly merged brand under the name CultureIQ. The strategy we developed drove marketing communications and supported sales enablement strategies. And to that end, CMP:

  • Developed and moderated the Leadership Alignment Workshop

  • Evolved the brand strategy and brand story

  • Created a Brand Messaging Playbook, a go-to resource for articulating CultureIQ  

  • Created the tag line